5 Important Things to Choose Your Chest Binder

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5 Important Things to Choose Your Chest Binder

Before buying your first binder, there are five things that you need to consider. Please don’t buy any unknown chest binder brand from an unknown website.Believe it or not, rather than wasting your money on an unsafe binder please buying an expensive binder that has good quality and a good brand reputation. Today, we list 5 important things before you check out your first chest binder.

First, you need to size your bust precisely. We like to give you a new idea on choosing a binder. Do not have a small size for a better to flatten effect, it will make you hard to move and make hunchback. Having a hunchback can cause many body issues while getting older. Overall, sizing precisely before you buying, and choose a suitable chest binder, not a small one.If you don’t know how to size your bust, go to eshaproduct.com. This website shows how to sizing your bust and help you select a suitable chest binder.



Second, your binder should make you comfortable while wearing it. If you feel any uncomfortable feelings, please stop wearing your binder. Then, tell the brand customer service about your problems and return the binder to them. Wearing a comfortable chest binder won’t let you feel too tight or can’t make you breathe. Moreover, you can not only doing exercise while wearing a binder but also playing water with your binder.


Third, choose your binder’s material carefully. Some people might easily get skin allergies because their skin is sensitive. If your skin is starting to get red dots or feel itchy, please stop wearing your binder. Every brand of chest binder always puts their products of the material composition below/beside the pictures.


Then choose the type of binder you used to wear. As we know, there are four types of binders, such as pullover, zipper, buckle, and velcro. We recommend that choosing the pacific type of binder you usually wear because different types of binders have different ways to wear. If you didn’t wear it correctly, your body might feel uncomfortable and get hurt.

The last one is the price. We highly suggest you that don’t buy any chest binders because their price is cheap. You get what you pay, so don’t believe that cheap chest binder will give you a nice flattened effect.


We listed five important things before you check out your first chest binder because we hope everyone has a safe, comfortable binder to wear. Moreover, we hope everyone learn a new idea for choosing your own binder.


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