Use and Care

Care and Cleaning

  • Washing binder with hands and dry it in the indoor with good ventilation to keep the elasticity of the binders. 
  • Please putting binder into a wash bag before putting into a washing machine and do not use the “Strong” wash mode..
  • Do not use a dryer.
  • We suggest you to have at least 2 binders above to switch. By doing so, you can keep the elasticity as long as possible. 
  • If you maintain the binder well, you can have the product life cycle for 1 binder from 8 to 10 months.

Don’t buy small size for better binding effect.

  • If you purchase a smaller size, it will make you feel uncomfortable and also reduce the product life cycle of the binder.
  • All sizes of the Esha’s binder are carefully calculated to fit you the most and to offer the best binding effect.
  • We suggest you to follow our size chart for each binder to choose the best fit for you.

No LGBTQ information on product.

  • We will not expose you from your closet, and there is no word or patterns related any LGBTQ information.

ESHA binder’s functioning.

  • All the fabrics we use can draw moisture to the outside and help to keep the skin dry in the hot weather.
  • For your concern, we suggest you can choose FREE series during summer time.

Choose MULTI if your cup size is up to E cup for best flatten effect.

  • If you’d like to reach the most possible flat effect, please choose MULTI series.
  • MULTI’s flatten effect is better than FREE series.